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Shattered Skies, Chapter 34
Chapter 34: Prisoners of War
The Lighthouse
Vertex Point Five
Homura Akemi watched and waited.
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
The Merry-Go-Round
"So congratulations to you all! Mission accomplished." Joker applauded, and the assembled forces of Dead End cheered, watching from the upper rings of the Merry-Go-Round's vast circular chamber. Among the clamor of their varied shrieks and howls and bellows, Alph caught fragments of speech: "Kill them!" "Tear them apart!" "Let us feast!"
Alph took stock: she and the rest of the team were all immobilized by Droid Jamanen's viscous gel and at Dead End's mercy, surrounded by an army that included some of the deadliest and most dangerous beings in all the worlds. That included one of their own, poor Cure Fortune, apparently brainwashed into Jamanen's puppet and converted into a gelatinous monster just like her. The p
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 17
VILUY'S DATABASE - Sakura Kinomoto and Allies
OVERVIEW: Vertex Two is an outlier among the five Vertices, as nearly all the distinctive elements common to the other four simply do not exist there. As of this writing, there is only one being of note in Vertex Two, Sakura Kinomoto herself, who even fits the definition of a “magical girl”. Even so, she does not transform, has never battled an openly hostile force seeking her destruction, and has never encountered a “monster” of the kind so prevalent in the other worlds, to my knowledge.
This is not to say that Kinomoto is not a threat to Dead End. Based on my observation, the exact opposite is the case: should she use her full powers against us, I am convinced that Dead End, with all our resources, would pose little threat to her. Sakura Kinomoto has the potential to be the most dangerous being in her universe, and it is only her personality and relative immaturity that res
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 3 3
Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 by bhsdesk Kirakiraru Brush and Style Set - CS6 :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 0 Eight Pink Precures, Dekiagari! by bhsdesk Eight Pink Precures, Dekiagari! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 33 10
Shattered Skies, Chapter 33 - PART 2
An immense, chaotic tower of machinery, wires, circuitry, and cold grey iron, blended with muscle, tissue, bone, and sinew, all intertwined so closely that it was difficult to tell where the technological ended and the biological began. It was as wide around as a skyscraper, and a ghastly, stale, piecemeal light illuminated it from somewhere within. There was no logic to its construction that they could see; here and there were irregular patches of tech, sometimes several meters wide, and adjoining those were hideous, throbbing growths, lined with veins crisscrossing diseased purple-black flesh. The tower stretched up, up, up, farther than their eyes could see… and arranged upon it in the same nonsensical fashion were the bodies of the prisoners.
Friends, loved ones, allies, and strangers alike, from countless worlds throughout all five vertices of the universe. Hundreds upon hundreds of them: elders and children, e
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 4 12
Shattered Skies, Chapter 33 - PART 1
Chapter 33: Treasonable Conduct
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
38th Floor, Approaching Sector Mu
Alph's trail wasn't difficult to follow. It was if a tornado had ripped through the Sunakiis; piles of sand were everywhere, dotted with intermittent scraps of the little monsters' canvas-like skin… very small scraps.
Four Operation Batman comrades and one pint-sized asylum-seeker gingerly made their way through the carnage, the majority of them making an effort to step over as many piles as they could. Erika Kurumi, Cure Marine, had reassured them repeatedly that the Sunakiis really were no more than animated sandbags, and that the sand inside their bodies—formerly inside their bodies—was exactly what it appeared to be. "It's plain, ordinary sand," she said from her position ahead of the others. "There's no need to be all twitchy about it. I dunno how exactly
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 6 1
2018 ID: BHS is Steven Universe Approved by bhsdesk 2018 ID: BHS is Steven Universe Approved :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 6
Shattered Skies, Chapter 32
Chapter 32: Regroup and Counterattack
The Lighthouse
Restricted Access Room, Top Floor
The Lighthouse Keeper, the entity calling herself Fantine, never left the secret, sealed control room atop the tallest spire of the Lighthouse. Too much depended on her: the time streams of the multiverse had to be monitored, the Lighthouse residents had to be sheltered, and she herself had to be kept hidden away from any and all. Some would call her paranoid, but if they only knew the truth, if they only knew anything about who Fantine really was and what kind of powers she possessed… they would say there was no such thing as being paranoid. Knowing who Fantine truly was would instantly make her the primary target for Joker and his entire Dead End forces, for in all likelihood, she could end the war for existence by herself in an instant.
If they only knew. If they only knew what she was capable of, the sins she had committed. But no
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 5 16
Okakugo wa, Yoroshikute! by bhsdesk Okakugo wa, Yoroshikute! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 39 0 Brightly Blaze by bhsdesk Brightly Blaze :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 14 3 It's About Time You Guys Got Here! by bhsdesk It's About Time You Guys Got Here! :iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 19 1
Shattered Skies, Chapter 31
Chapter 31: Hostile Territory
[Author's Note: Those of you reading this on FanFiction may have noticed that Shattered Skies: Viluy's Database is gone. The short explanation is that I was "nicely" informed that character guides technically qualify as "not a story", so I took both Viluy's Database and Stars Above's Demon Profiles down… after all I've posted on here, I don't want to risk my account. You can still find both the Database and the Demon Profiles on DA and AO3, and the former is also on WattPad. I'll be updating the Database on those sites only from now on.
In better news, new Shattered Skies art by ErinPtah, check it out:]
La Fin de Toute
(formerly Galactica Palace)
37th Floor - Library/Security Center
The destruction and subsequent total collapse of Viluy's lab did not go unnoticed. Vibration
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 1 15
VILUY'S DATABASE - Sailor Senshi, Part 2


ALIAS: Sailor Pluto
EYES: Crimson
HAIR: Dark green
The ninth Senshi to awaken on Earth in Vertex One, Setsuna Meioh is apparently a modern "splinter" incarnation of her Vertex's Guardian of Time, Sailor Pluto. Establishing a chronology for this subject is difficult, for obvious reasons. Tsukino and the other Senshi first encountered her on their journey to the 30th century C.E., during the Black Moon Clan's invasion. Tsukino II used on of Pluto's Space-Time Keys to open a portal to the so-called "fourth dimension", a bizarre realm impossible to navigate by normal means. There they found Pluto, standing watch over a gateway known as the Space-Time Door. Having apparently been assigned this position by the late Queen Serenity of the first Silver Millennium, Pluto's duty was described as "eternally watching over all of time", which indicates some form of immortality. My curre
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 7 8
VILUY'S DATABASE - Sailor Senshi, Part 1
OVERVIEW: Sailor Senshi (known alternately in splinter timelines as "Sailor Guardians", "Sailor Soldiers", or "Sailor Scouts") are the exclusively female warriors (with three partial exceptions, see "Sailor Star Lights and Sailor Kakyuu") of Vertex One, each the totemic representation of a planet or celestial body. Recognized by their distinctive uniforms, which bear an unexplained resemblance to Japanese serafuku school uniforms, and possessing a wide variety of magical powers, typically elemental in nature, the Sailor Senshi serve as the so-called "champions of love and justice" for their respective planets/bodies. Nearly all Sailor Senshi must transform into their powered states using some form of magical item(s), but a select few possess supernatural abilities in their civilian forms. An unusual quirk of said transformations is a hypothesi
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 6 7
Shattered Skies, Chapter 30
Chapter 30: The Non-Canonical Lunatic Crack Chapter
[Author's Note: This is a very silly little thing, a gift to my readers for sticking with me for three years. Like the title says, it's totally non-canonical and absolutely crack. Don't worry, the actual story will continue as normal (or as normal as it gets, anyway) in Chapter 31. Happy third birthday to Shattered Skies, and thanks for sharing it with me!
- BHS, 10/14/2017]
The Lighthouse
Deep below the Lighthouse's towering central spire, below the Crossroads, below the Sekigahara communal training grounds, buried within the massive slab of floating rock that the crystalline structure rested upon, there was a room unknown to any of the interreality sanctuary's tenants. This room could not be found by any normal means; there were no physical entrances or exits, and the only way one could reach it without some manner of teleportation would be to create a tu
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 3 10
Shattered Skies, Chapter 29
Chapter 29: Reinforcements
TSAB L-Class Inspection Cruiser Arthra
Main Bridge
A dense cluster of people hovered around Cadet Amy Limietta's chair in front of the central console on the Arthra's main bridge. Their presence induced a claustrophobic effect in the young communications officer; the bridge had never been so crowded before, not to mention noisy. Everyone, it seemed, had a different idea as to what to do and how to proceed… the many faces bathed in the holo-viewer's pale glow, human, near-human, and otherwise, were uniformly strained.
"The question isn't finding the rescue team and the missing pod," said Chrono Harlaown, Admiral Lindy's son and the ship's executive officer. His trademark stoic glare had darkened into a full-on scowl since the truth about "Operation Batman" was revealed. "Scrya and Umino confessed everything. We know where they are, there's just no feasible way
:iconbhsdesk:bhsdesk 6 3
These are art-type things that are done by me and organized in a gallery-ish fashion.

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Blazblue Ribbon-tie by RocatArt Blazblue Ribbon-tie :iconrocatart:RocatArt 1,063 42 Lucky Birthday by Nisai Lucky Birthday :iconnisai:Nisai 66 32 TTGL - The Dawn by Esk-Phantom TTGL - The Dawn :iconesk-phantom:Esk-Phantom 77 9 Yoko Blue Sky and Big Gun Wall by gamera68
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Yoko Blue Sky and Big Gun Wall :icongamera68:gamera68 89 14
We have waffles by krazie4anime We have waffles :iconkrazie4anime:krazie4anime 81 19 FraggleFly : A Special Hell by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : A Special Hell :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 36 8 FraggleFly : One Regret by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : One Regret :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 28 2 FraggleFly : Leaf on the Wind by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : Leaf on the Wind :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 30 6 FraggleFly : Kneecaps by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : Kneecaps :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 32 2 FraggleFly : Who's Flying This by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : Who's Flying This :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 35 3 FraggleFly : Big Damn Heroes by siriusgraphics FraggleFly : Big Damn Heroes :iconsiriusgraphics:siriusgraphics 35 10 Kagamin by Fragnostic Kagamin :iconfragnostic:Fragnostic 61 24 Kagamin 'Ecchi is bad' by Fragnostic Kagamin 'Ecchi is bad' :iconfragnostic:Fragnostic 106 46 iKagami by cursedchild666emo iKagami :iconcursedchild666emo:cursedchild666emo 31 3
These are various things that meet my with approval and warrant increased attention.

Random from Puella Magi

From one of the greatest magical girl anime of all time.


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Week 16: All Hail Hugtto

So hey, I finally got the second part of Viluy's Database finished! Hooray, hooray, me! And I made significant progress on the next chapter of Shattered Skies as well. The week coming up is going to be crazy, but I'm making an effort to get Chapter 34 finished and posted within the next few days.

How about those last two Hugtto episodes, eh? As I said on Tumblr, barring any disastrous derailments in the show's second half (as happened with poor Happiness Charge), I think we may have another strong contender for Best Precure Series alongside Heartcatch and Go! Princess. I mean, the show consistently impresses me in nearly every respect; it's already got my favorite pink Cure since Blossom in Hana/Cure Yell, which is a hell of an achievement in and of itself.

On somewhat of a whim, I decided to check out this "Fortnite" thing that's tearing things up in streaming circles. You can see the results on my YouTube channel, if you're so inclined. I'm not anything approaching good at it yet, but I did manage to place eleventh out of 100 in Solo mode on Saturday morning, so that's something.

Sorry for another short entry, but I'm running low on energy after a long day. I think I may call it an early night, in fact.


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So now that the main team is assembled, who is the best Cure this year? 

3 deviants said Yayoi Kise - Cure Peace, the Precure of Still the Best Cure, This Year and Every Year
2 deviants said Charles Barkley - Cure Basketball, the Precure of SLAM JAM
1 deviant said Saaya Yakushiji - Cure Ange, the Precure of Wisdom
1 deviant said Henri Bergson - Cure Duration, the Precure of Anti-Cartesian-Dualism
1 deviant said Bibury - Cure Licorice, the Precure of Should Have Been a Precure Instead of the Damned Mascot
1 deviant said BHS - Cure Obsessive, the Precure of Near-Bankruptcy From Purchasing Action Figures
No deviants said Hana Nono - Cure Yell, the Precure of Spirit
No deviants said Homare Kagayaki - Cure Étoile, the Precure of Strength
No deviants said René Descartes - Cure Dualism, the Precure of Suck It, Bergson, I'm Way More Famous
No deviants said Shwetadwip Chaudhri - Cure Zamindar, the Precure of Kid With the Most Hilarious Name in My 5th Grade Yearbook


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Hey man, I wanted to show you something.

You said that Cannibalism isn't okay in a kids show.

Nightmares truly fulfill by trilljacker6534

Heck it's even worse in Adventure Time, because it's not just like, "nibble, nibble, nibble" for him, but instead, his mouth unhinges like a snake, then you see him forcing his own brother down his gullet, all while his brother is screaming in agony!

And this isn't the only cannibalism scene in Adventure Time! -->…

Now if Adventure Time could have cannibalism on-screen and still be for kids, then so can other shows! And Adventure Time is an American Kids show, so don't use that "appropriateness of different cultures" excuse here.

See? Now if there was blood and guts gushing and splattering out everywhere in a huge slaughterfest gore-splattered massacre it wouldn't be for kids. But no, there isn't any blood and guts. That's why! Proves my point!
bhsdesk Featured By Owner 21 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I told you a year ago that I was done arguing this subject with you. The matter is closed, please don't keep posting about it on my page.
NeoChandler Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
A week ago:

Toei: "We're doing a crossover between Dragon Ball and Precure you've been itching to see for years!

But we lied."
bhsdesk Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Would be cool, yes, but I want an official Precure/Sailor Moon crossover, dammit. Toei does both of those too.
aliencaster Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
May the Llama be with you!
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thanks you for the watch ma friend :D
bhsdesk Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome, and thanks for yours!
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
Thanks for the fave!
bhsdesk Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome! I love multiversal shenanigans and incomprehensibly powerful beings, and when I saw the description of Equestria Across the Multiverse on TVTropes, I knew I had to check it out. :D I'll be leaving more detailed feedback as I make my way through it.
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